The features and strong points of Fuji Kasei

We can cope with special and delicate demands promptly.
Well established network allows us to organize reliable delivery world wide.
Synergy through long term association with customers and suppliers.
Extensive product range.
Expertise in international business operations.

Our Customers World Wide

Over the years, we have managed to maintain relationships with customers from over 40 countries world wide.
To this day, we continue to endeavor to create an effective network of people and companies from around the world.
We utilize the knowledge gained from continuous reading of trends, trends of the times and global trends for ongoing product and business development. Fuji Kasei’s network is certain to spread to all corners of the globe.
About our suppliers
  • 1Thailand
  • 5Malaysia
  • 9Philippines
  • 13Argentina
  • 17Sri Lanka
  • 21India
  • 25Burney
  • 29UAE
  • 33Qatar
  • 2Bangladesh
  • 6Australia
  • 10Pakistan
  • 14Chine
  • 18Myanmar
  • 22Nepal
  • 26Bolivia
  • 30Nicaragua
  • 34Venezuela
  • 3Taiwan
  • 7Italy
  • 11Hong Kong
  • 15Vietnam
  • 19Saudi Arabia
  • 23South Africa
  • 27USA
  • 31Guatemala
  • 4Indonesia
  • 8Korea
  • 12Singapore
  • 16New Zealand
  • 20Chile
  • 24Iran
  • 28Great Britain
  • 32Germany


CASE1 Business in Bangladesh
We have been dealing with many customers in Bangladesh since before its independence and we have built a strong sales network.
CASE2 Domestic Sales
(Local & Import Purchasing)
Our domestic market is developing rapidly with Expansion of Domestic Demand.
Network of Fuji Kasei

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